Austin Young and Barry Pett's first feature documentary is a portrait of Boogie queen and torch singer extraordinaire Hadda Brooks, during the last three years of her life before she died from heart failure. Called an "American Treasure" by Bonnie Raitt, Brooks was one of many who pioneered rock ‘n’ roll. Enjoying a resurgence of popularity late in her life, Brooks was signed to Virgin’s Point Blank Records in her 80’s, receiving in her final years the recognition and audiences she had been searching for throughout the fits and starts of her 50 year career. "The kids came in there every night to here me cuss 'em out," Brooks says. And they loved it! From cooking dinner and singing at friends’ houses, to her last nightclub performance at Michael's Room on Vermont St. in Los Angeles, ‘Queen of the Boogie’ is a movie eight years in the making, and presents the personality and voice of the legend, Hadda Brooks.

Directed by Austin Young & Barry Pett

Hadda Brooks
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